Birk’s Innovative Spring Menu

Spring is here! To celebrate the return of sunshine, Birk’s has created an innovative and delightful spring menu featuring many lighter Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

In the spirit of creativity, we approached our menu creation with an entirely new method this year, turning it a Birk’s team effort. Instead of one main chef researching, creating and developing the new menu, we shared dish development amongst our whole culinary team! Executive Chef Maurice Dissels, Sous Chef Julie Duong, Sous Chef Javier Tovar and Assistant Sous Chef Andreas Garcia each took responsibility of one to two menu item changes to get the process started. Each chef brainstormed a few ideas, then created the dish and presented it to the others. However, once initial dish ideas were presented, the evolution of each dish became a team effort; they tasted and critiqued each other’s creations, and worked together to improve them. Birk’s spring menu is a masterpiece of collaboration where all of our chefs pitched in to bring the out best in each other’s cooking.

But why take our word for it? Come in today and sample our delicious new offerings. A few of our favorites include:

Mesquite Grilled Steak Bits – Steak bites marinated in turmeric, cumin, and coriander, and served with mint yogurt and smoked herb oil. This dish is full of flavor and one of our most popular dishes with our staff.

Boneless Lamb Loin – The lamb is served with herb couscous, grilled artichoke and harissa carrot emulsion with gremolata.

Cheese Steak Sandwich – The cheese steak sandwich comes with caramelized Bermuda onion, sautéed mushrooms and cheese fondue. Turmeric infused tater tots really set the dish apart.

Mary’s Chicken – Chicken and saffron rice with fresh English peas, Spanish chorizo, roasted red peppers and fried flat leaf parsley. The rice is a specially sourced Spanish rice to add authenticity to the dish.

Foie Gras Custard – Served with the charcuterie plate with our in-house cured Calabrese salami, smoked duck breast and pickled vegetables. The foie gras is layered with an apricot jelly and is amazing!

Beet Salad – The toy box beet salad is lightened up with watermelon, and baby arugula. To create a unique twist on this dish, we used golden beets and chioggia striped beets and drizzled a goat cheese sauce over the beets rather than using chunks of goat cheese.

Prime Rib BLT Sandwich – Our version of the classic BLT: smoked prime rib, in-house cured and house smoked pancetta, with heirloom tomatoes, fresh ground black pepper, fleur de sel and chopped salad of seedless green grapes, chiffonade kale, celery, carrot, onion, green cabbage, flat leave parsley. Did you know that Birk’s Restaurant smokes all of our meats in-house? That way we get complete control of the flavor and quality!

Mixed Grill – This dish brings together three very popular items on our menu: lamb, filet and venison, with three sauces. The filet is studded with roasted garlic cloves and placed atop wild mushroom béchamel, the lamb is drizzled with preserved lemon harissa and venison is belted with pink peppercorn sauce. The dish is finished with pan-seared polenta and wilted spinach.

And many more! Come enjoy a meal at Birk’s today, where gourmet food meets innovation to the delight of our hungry customers.

View out our updated lunch and dinner menus and make your reservation today!

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